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Disadvantage of Make up

There are plenty of reasons to love make up. It can help bring out our favorite features, hide flaws, and make us feel more confident. And if we're being honest, makeup is a blast to play around with (hello, smokey eye YouTube tutorials). But as much as makeup can be a girl's best friend, it may not be the healthiest thing to slather all over our faces on a daily basis.

In fact, dermatologist Dr. Idi Martins told Vanguard that wearing too much makeup can actually expose the skin to a considerable amount of chemicals and toxins. "The chemicals found in lipsticks, eye pencils, and mascara, could cause serious health problems," he said.

My skin looks more dry with foundation ,while without makeup my skin is pinkish and healthy looking skin. I'm not saying don't wear make up at all but try not to wear them everyday , rest the skin from chemicals and toxins, at least Facial treatment once a month it will make your skin hydrated , clean and protect

skin elasticity ability to stretch and snap back to its original shape if consistent. text me at 8186790670

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